Practice Areas

I am admitted to the practice of law in India, as well as in the United States, in California. I am eligible for admission before all the United States District Courts by virtue of my admission to the practice of law in California. I strive to accept cases, and competently represent clients in the following practice areas;

International Business Litigation I represent clients in disputes they have with companies in the US, in business transactions such as export or import of goods and services. I believe that my background in commercial law, and my experience in commercial matters arising out of transactions between Indian businesses and businesses in the US gives me an advantage in resolving such disputes in an expedited manner. I have experience representing clients in many states in the United States.

Torts arising out of business transactions A tort is a civil wrong, giving rise to legal liability. In any typical business transaction, although you may not readily notice it, there may be tort claims. For example, fraud. Fraud is very simply defined as the making of a materially false representation with the intent to induce reliance. The representation must be one of an existing fact. Several other torts exist, such as negligent misrepresentation, inducing breach of contract, interference with contractual obligations, interference with economic advantage, unjust enrichment etc. I frequently represent clients in incidental tort claims arising out of an international business transactions.